Tai Chi

History of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Art that is said to originate out of the Wudang mountains in the 12th century. Some hold that the Taoist sage Chang San Feng was there when he happened to observe a deadly fight between a snake and a crane. The crane attacked, stabbing and jabbing at the snake. Somehow, the snake managed to evade. The snake fought back with whip-like attacks of its own. But, the crane deflected these attacks by fiercely spreading its wings.

Inspired by this scene, Chang San Feng went on to create the soft internal martial art of tai chi. He included moves inspired directly from the crane and the snake. His new fighting style was very different from the external Shaolin Temple gung fu, emphasizing relaxed movements. Being a high level Taoist, he also infused it with the wisdom, military strategies, and longevity methods of Taoism.


So, as you can see the origin of Tai Chi is a martial art, based on fluid movements which relax and stimulate every part of your body. The continuous movements of Tai Chi are based on the principles that running water never stagnates. The gentle movements relax your muscles and joints while strengthening your body. Tai Chi uses calming structured movements to counter act the stress of living in today's fast paced way of life. This Tai Chi form I have been taught and that I teach is called Hun Yuan Tai Chi. Hun, means mixed and Yuan means circle.

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Hun Yuan Tai Chi

Hun Yuan Tai Chi, form focuses on fostering a deep level of relaxation, cultivating energy to nurture one's self and developing natural freedom of movement in the joints. This form was created by Grand Master Feng ZhiQiang; one of China's great Tai Chi Masters. He is known throughout the world for his amazing feats of internal power. In Beijing, Grand Master Feng had the unique opportunity to learn from two of the most well known and respected teachers of their time. Because of his insight and knowledge that he gained from his two teachers he was able to develop the Hun Yuan Tai Chi form which enable practitioners to achieve noticeable results quickly; most of all, the practice of Hun Yuan Tai Chi will give you happiness.

Grand Master Feng ZhiQiang always says"use mind or intention instead of hard force to move the body, this is the way to develop internal power. When one has Gong, one will experience how the Chi moves in the body in the Tai Chi form and realize the profoundness of those words." The components of Hun Yuan Tai Chi form are all interconnected; the two aspects of chi development: cultivation, and circulation are emphasized from the very beginning of my training and the training that I express.

The development of my practice has taken me to many places of training around the world. I have trained with Grand Master Feng ZhiQiang's daughter Feng Xiu Fang in Beijing, as well as Master Hung in the pristine mountains of Wudang. I am grateful to my teachers in Australia who developed my foot steps in this beautiful art as I bring it with me here in South Carolina.

I have been given riches beyond my understanding through this art and I currently offer this art form giving those riches to all who are open to receiving at the Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission at Lexington Leisure Center on 108 Park Road Lexington, SC 29072. For more information, call 957-7828 or visit the website at http://www.lcrac.com/pdfblog or Suzanne at 760 6403.

Class is on Saturday at 10:00am & Tuesday at 6:15pm.