These are recommendations and testimonials from business group leaders, business contacts and clients. I am honored and grateful for each of them as well as our ongoing relationships with each other. It is my pleasure to inspire and offer greatness for their success and abundance.

November 18, 2019

Suzanne Riley Whyte is an outstanding Success and Abundance Coach and I highly recommend her.

Suzanne has been practicing my Diamond Feng Shui principles of attracting wealth through The Law of Attraction since 2013 as a dedicated practitioner.

In 2018 I extended to her the opportunity to become one of only 20 Diamond Life Coaches around the world in a once in a lifetime moment to expand both of our client bases with my dedicated followers.

The training, as one of my Diamond Life Coaches, was extensive and rigorous for 6 months with weekly group meetings as well as one on one’s that I personally facilitated and led to insure the quality of my business, Marie Diamond.

Suzanne achieved my stamp of approval to coach clients from around the world with her Diamond Life Coaching Certificate completion on February 28, 2019.

She has proven herself going above and beyond her coaches training in her dedication to her clients at Marie Diamond Coaching. She has worked with clients from India, Spain, Australia, and various parts of America. All of her clients are happy and creating success and abundance with her experience that she offers.

It is a gift to have Suzanne on my team extending the messages of compassion and goodness helping those around her to achieve their greatest potential in their financial capacity, personal and professional relationships, health and spiritual wellbeing.

You benefit immensely by having Suzanne in your area to coach you in success and abundance that I have personally trained her to be. She is a Diamond Coach.


Marie Diamond: Globally renowned Feng Shui Master, Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author; Creator of Diamond Dowsing and Diamond Feng Shui.   Her A-list clients are The Rolling Stones, Steven Spielberg, Jack Canfield and many more. As seen in the movies: The Secret (2006).

~ Marie Diamond

"Suzanne is recognized as a true thought leader in helping her clients accomplish their goals. When I interviewed Suzanne on WIS-TV, I remember being personally motivated following the meeting, and being truly excited to share her message with our viewers who would soon set New Years resolutions. She has a unique wisdom and ability to connect through her head and heart for helping others realize their potential."

~ Hannah Horne
WIS-TV Former Newscaster

"Suzanne has a deep desire to help us recognize our inner greatness. Her approach is pure in motive and consistent in process. Suzanne enables us to connect with our soul."

~ Brad Zaba, DTM, CSC, BSEE
President Access Communications Group, Inc

“Suzanne Riley Whyte is a coach and mentor to me. She has a gift for helping others realize their dreams. With her coaching and guidance, I decided to pursue graduate school and make a major career change. I am constantly amazed by her authenticity and inspired by her generous spirit. I am tremendously grateful to count her amongst my network of supporters.”

~ Caroline Richardson
Planner II at Stewart

"I first met Suzanne at a small business networking group about 5 years ago. We immediately hit it off and I was very intrigued with the fact that she was a life coach and seemed to be a very positive force. I thought she could be a tremendous help to me in focusing on the family business dynamics and also things in my personal life that I had been procrastinating on forever! I became a client and we developed a wonderful friendship while helping me move forward with my dreams!

I now realize I have been a maverick most of my life and know why we had such an instant connection! I have enjoyed reading Suzanne’s history and what led her to this point in her growth. Suzanne is a joy to be around always giving her heart and positive outlook to those around her. Reading this chapter has given me insight to her character and how it developed! Well worth reading and applicable to ones daily life."

~ Marila Turbyfill
Café Strudel

"Matrx Coaching is an extraordinary business. My initial hesitancy with Suzanne Riley-Whyte’s services was merely my reluctance to acknowledge a need for improvement in my life. When I first started working with Suzanne, my life seemed sufficient, but it lacked purpose and focus. I was separated from my wife of 23 years, my business was underachieving, I had been fired from my second job, and I was probably in the early stages of depression. I was overweight, unhealthy, and drank too much.

Suzanne helped me to find activities that inspired and interested me, helped me to actually focus on the things that are most important to me, and helped me deal with my feelings of inadequacy, failure and fear. I have learned to love, honor and respect myself, as well as all those I deal with in my life. What I have accomplished with her help, guidance and encouragement is nothing short of a total transformation of my life.

~ Jim Dicker
Tree Care Services of Lexington

"Meeting Suzanne is to immediately have a new forever friend. She is a very passionate soul and has a tremendous ability to get things done. For example, our annual St. Baldrick’s events are a shave-a-thon type events that raise funds for childhood cancer research. It was about 5 years ago when Suzanne first contacted me about wanting to be involved. I was thrilled to meet her and excited for her help…but I had no idea what was ahead. Suzanne started a team for the Greater Cayce West Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Suzanne served as captain of that team in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

One of the most important qualities I have experienced with Suzanne is an amazing sense of trust in her abilities to perceive needs, encourage actions, and achieve results. I cannot endorse her talents highly enough. I can say with complete confidence that a potential client literally does not know what they’re missing."

During those years, her team brought in $33,964. Between volunteering and having her own head shaved for 3 of our events, Suzanne’s individual efforts have raised $3,392. Teams from West Columbia still participate and have brought in to date a grand total of $42,490. None of that would have happened without Suzanne. Childhood cancer research is severely underfunded and 100% of every $ we raise goes to St. Baldrick’s Foundations to fund grants for the most promising childhood cancer research being conducted today. We are very grateful for Suzanne’s selflessness and hard work in helping us to help others, in this case, children battling cancer."

~ Ivan C. Baughman
Volunteer Event Organizer (VEO) St. Baldrick’s of Columbia, SC

"I wanted to take the time to convey my admiration of Suzanne Riley Whyte and her abilities in her business and life coach business. I had a unique introduction to Suzanne. I noticed a complete transformation of a business acquaintance of mine, Jim had been going through a divorce and having a difficult time. Jim walked into a meeting with a smile on his face and a pep in his step. I immediately took notice of this dramatic transformation. I had been so concerned for Jim. After the meeting, I inquired about Jim's change in demeanor to which he responded that he had hired Suzanne and she had set him on his path to success and happiness. I could not help but to be intrigued.

In the next few months, my paths crossed with Suzanne at several meetings where she was a featured speaker. Suzanne is an amazing speaker. I was impressed with the work she had done with Jim but did not think I needed a life coach. However, after hearing her speak about goal setting, I was inclined to hire Suzanne to help me attain some personal and professional goals.

Suzanne is gifted. She has the ability to connect with and entire audience or with one individual. I have noted the level of engagement of the groups she has presented to. I am looking forward to Suzanne presenting to my group of LEXINGTON NETWORK OF FEMALE EXECUTIVES on business goal setting. I am confident that Suzanne will excel in any area she takes interest. I am a raving fan of Suzanne's and look forward to completing all my goals.

Please feel free to reach out to me, if I can be of any further assistance."

~ Shirley Towne
President of 24/7 Total Protection
May 16, 2014

Moore BeaustonWoodham
150 North 9th Street
West Columbia, SC 29169

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Suzanne Riley Whyte.

Suzanne is a grounded, responsible, and compassionate Coach, who is highly intelligent in communicating. I have had the gift of her knowledge and wisdom currently two - three times a month for the last year assisting me in understanding and achieving the potential of my mind, body and spirit. I have found a new me through the transformation of learning.

I recommend Suzanne Riley Whyte in any Coaching or Teaching capacity she would endeavor, because of the successful results that I have experienced through her focus, commitment and dedication.


~ Kenneth L. Newhouse, Jr., CPA, CITP

"Proud daughter of a farmer, Suzanne Riley Whyte presses seeds of encouragement into the palms of those wanting to plant most courageous lives. Drawing from science, Christianity, American literature and Chinese martial arts, this “maverick” life coach learned how to make the most of her life, lessons she generously shares here."

~ Aida Rogers
Award-Winning writer and editor of the University of South Carolina Press State of the Heart anthology series.

"Suzanne has been an instructor with us at the Lexington Leisure Center since November 2012. He Tai Chi class has continued to have steady participation from individuals who have given positive feedback about their experiences as well as the more recently started Qi Gong class. Suzanne works hard to ensure the success of her classes while maintaining a positive attitude."

~ John Alexander
Assistant Director at Lexington Leisure Center

"Suzanne Riley is a gifted and extraordinary business and life coach who is coupled with compassion, perception and integrity. In the relatively short period that I came to know her, I was intrigued by the multitudes of her talents, skills and wisdom. She is someone with intellectual abilities to access and resolve personal issues that accompanies life’s path that is at times phased with fundamentals of complexities and decision making. I commend her valor. As a businessman, I realize that daily operational processes requires routine assessments re-evaluations and periodic implementation of efficient methodologies to remain competitive and sustainable.

The need for external advice and/or assistance is a business savvy objective to avert stagnancy and growth restrains. I believe in striving towards the impossible, not the attainable, to promulgate growth, as an ultimate initiative and formula for a success plan. Therefore, strategize directives to expand on innovation. Make time to meet with Suzanne for assistance to gain anecdotal solutions and new insights to perspectives that will certainly provide personal advancements, and opportunities for change."

~ Rob Francis
Businessman & CEO

It is my pleasure to recommend Suzanne Riley Whyte as a lecturer, coach and teacher.

Working with Suzanne has transformed my life. Prior to receiving coaching from Suzanne I was frustrated with my progress professionally and personally. I was uncertain and uneasy about creating new goals and was having difficulty conceiving and completing long-term projects. My professional life and career were suffering and I was frustrated with myself because I could not pull myself out of the rut I had created.

To say that Suzanne pulled me out of this rut would be an understatement. The truth is that she taught me how to pull myself out of the rut I had created and she showed me new ways to conceive and achieve my goals. Suzanne helped me articulate my goals on paper thus making them more real and manageable. She also showed me how to review my goals so that they became an automatic part of my day. By breaking my goals down and by working in “the present” I found myself more productive and achieving steps toward my goals on a day basis. This transformation helped me be happier, more productive and taught me that I can achieve much more than I thought.

Suzanne’s help with my professional life also spilled over into my personal life. Obtaining my career goals helped me set realistic life goals. I am calmer now and find that my ability to focus has increased exponentially. Life, both personally and professionally, is once again fun and rewarding. I know that her work with me will continue to impact my future success.

Suzanne is a gifted coach and teacher. She is a careful listener who does not push her own values rather Suzanne helps her clients find and define their own world and then teaches her students how to live in the house they create.

Upon speaking with Suzanne one can also hear that she is a wonderful lecturer. She can share her techniques with one or many and still achieve the same remarkable results. Suzanne is versatile and knowledgeable and an ideal business and life coach.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 803-727-0088 or [email protected]


~ Jean Weingarth, Ph.D.
University of South Carolina
May 21, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been fortunate to be working with Suzanne Riley-Whyte for a few short months. In that time, Suzanne has coached me in setting goals that are achievable as well as how to stay focused on those goals and ignore distractions. I have already achieved a number of my goals in this short period of time. The result has impacted my life in a very positive way, and I am now more confident and motivated to achieve anything using Suzanne's methods.

In addition, Suzanne invited me to participaate in her monthly Mastermind group. During each session, the group shares experiences and ideas of focus to help each other, and we receive coaching from Suzanne on each month's topic. Through this group, I learned from many of the participants' life experiences, giving me a better vision to grow my business in a healthy and more focused way. Because community service is important to Suzanne, the cost to attend is simply a donation for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

I am most grateful to be working with Suzanne and highly recommend her for any position that requires her many talents.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


~ Sheila Starkey
Smart Social Media Marketer

The Lexington County Chronicle
131 Swartz Road PO Box 9
Lexington, SC 29071

To whom it may concern:

Suzanne Riley Whyte is an upstanding citizen in our community and it gives me great joy to highly recommend her as a leader that communicates effectively in our community.

Since knowing Suzanne, I have seen her communicate and demonstrate focus, guidance, and self-restrain in the development of others. As a professional coach myself, I understand not only the value of these traits but the communication of them in being a leader beyond leaders.

Suzanne currently is a columnist at my weekly web and newspaper that circulates throughout Lexington county and extending into surrounding states as well as outside the United States, for the last year and a half. She writes and communicates the “Dear Suzanne” column and is always timely in her delivery to our editors as well as intriguing and fitting for the current events and readers.

She has as well published a co-authored book with myself and others called, “Million Dollar Strategies of Maverick Entrepreneurs”; where we communicate how our most outstanding strategies creates millions of dollars.

You would do well to incorporate Suzanne into your organization with the examples that I have given. This is why I highly recommend Suzanne Riley Whyte in any capacity of communication as a highly effective leader.


~ Jerry Bellune
The Lexington County Chronicle Chairman

To whom it may concern:

I organize Columbia's annual St. Baldrick's events. These are shave-a-thon events that raise awareness to the need for better treatments and cures for all childhood cancers....and we raise money to help fund the research necessary to find those cures and better treatments. I would like to mention that St. Baldrick's Foundation operates on a 2% overhead with 16% invested into more fundraising and 82% of every dollar raised going directly into research grants specifically focused on childhood cancers. Over the past 8 years, 1,292 Columbia area shaves have collectively raised $449,948 for this great cause. 100% of all funds raised by our Columbia area St. Baldrick's events goes directly to St. Baldrick's Foundation.

One major reason for the more recent success of our events has been the hard work of Suzanne Riley-Whyte. Over the past 2 events, Suzanne's passion for this great cause has brought 32 member to her West Metro Chamber Baldies team. 29 of those members have become shaves and 11 of those shaves were women inspired by Suzanne's courage to not ask others to do something she wouldn't do herself. Suzanne has twice taken a seat beneath a St. Baldrick's cape to stand in solidarity with those who have not choice about losing their hair....and she has personally brought in over $1,800 of the $23,842 raised by the West Metro Chamber Baldies under her leadership.

We do appreciate Suzanne's ability to raise funds plus so much more. Suzanne's philanthropic drive combined with the focus of her work ethic serves to inspire and motivate others....including myself. I consider her contribution to awareness and attitude at least as valuable as her fundraising. We are truly grateful for the West Metro Chamber Baldies and their extraordinary leader, Suzanne Riley-Whyte


~ Ivan C. Baughman
Volunteer Event Organizer (VEO)
St. Baldrick's of Columbia
May 20, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this in regards to Suzanne Riley-Whyte. Ms. Whyte has been an instructor in the art of Tai-Chi at Lexington Leisure Center since November of 2012. During that time, she has never failed to meet any class obligation and consistently informs the center of any changes regarding her class such as moving the class outside as weather permits or requesting an alternate room when attendance is expected to be larger than normal.

Ms. Whyte often offers promotions for her class through the church community and or other events being held in the area. She has requested some of our brochures to pass out along with her class information which in return, not only helps promote classes offered at Lexington Leisure Center, but also those in our sister facilities and other departments throughout Lexington County.

In the 2013 Memorial Day and July 4th Holidays, Ms. Whyte took the proceeds from her classes and donated them to Veteran Affairs. She has informed us that she will be doing that again this year for Memorial Day, 2014.

Although, I do not know Ms. Whyte personally, it has been a pleasure working with her professionally. I feel confident that she would be an asset to anyone or any organization she gets to work with in the future.


~ Ann Griffis
Director of Lexington Leisure Center
108 Park Road Lexington, SC 29072